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    Attractive Assignments



    Assignments form an integral part of student’s lives.  Assignments are graded so it is important to deliver quality work.  Time management and scheduling is a very important aspect during the academic years. Work life balance is another important aspect that needs to be respected. Too much of work or too much of fun can detrimental to the growth of a student. When work life balance  is good, it will definitely reflect in the quality of our assignments. A student needs to embrace the challenges thrown at him and it is important to get rid of fear of assignments and homework.

    Here are some salient points to make your assignment attractive

    • Understand the subject and the topic – A student has understand the topic of the assignment without any confusion. This is the most essential step in making an assignment attractive. The topic has to be analyzed and fully understood before starting the work of assignment. When a topic is misunderstood or wrongly interpreted it affects the quality of the assignment.  Google is a wonderful tool that is available to a student 24/7.  A student can search and learn about the topic/ subject before starting the assignment. For example if the assignment is on Logistics in Operations research, it is important to know what is logistics and the correlation with Operations research.
    • Understand the nature of the assignment – It is important to understand the type of assignment before you start working on it. For instance if it a problem solving assignment then the solution has to be step by step with comprehensive explanation. Writing assignment requires different kind of preparation. Before commencing the work it is imperative to jot down the points that needs to be incorporated in the assignment. There should be clarity as to what is to be written in the introduction, body and the conclusion.
    • Work according to schedule – It is important have a schedule for doing assignments. This brings discipline and focus. For instance morning 6- 8 am can be writing time. Now when you have this mindset your mind will be able to focus and concentrate. Make sure the work environment is filled with positivity and avoid distractions. Put your mobile phones on silent mode and make sure there is no deviation in your concentration. When you are fresh and energetic, make use of the time.
    • Stick to the requirement of the assignment – Once you start working on your assignment , stick to the requirements. For instance if an assignment requires you to write 1500 words, make sure it not less or way above the word count. The same holds true for any kind of presentations , software work or any other type of assignment.
    • Revisit and rewrite – Once you finish the assignment, make sure that you revisit the assignment. This will give you an opportunity to correct the mistakes and improve the quality of the assignment.