How to Write an Introduction to an Assignment ?

Introduction gives an outline of the entire assignment and it lays the foundation for the reader. Introduction has an important role in an assignment. An introduction gives the reader an idea of what is to be discussed in the assignment. Introduction is a like a well cut teaser of a feature film. It should entice, engage and inform the audience.

  • Beginning Bang – The first word or sentence of an assignment is extremely crucial. It sets the tone and momentum for the entire assignment. A good introduction stirs the curiosity in the reader and makes the reader to continue reading. A boring introduction can disturb the concentration of the reader.
  • Outline – A brief background about the topic should be discussed. It is important to be brief and not elaborate.
  • The important essay points – Briefly write about the main essay points that you wish to discuss in the assignment.
  • Thesis – Thesis is the most significant aspect of an Introduction. The essence of the essay is reflected through thesis.
  • Clarity is important – Use the right words and keep the sentences short. The idea should be to convey the message effectively. An hook line can be creative but is important to not go overboard.
  • Google – Search for well written introductions online. This can give a fresh perspective for your writing ideas.

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