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    Dr.Brinkley Writing Paper

    1. Dr. Brinkley responsible for deaths that occurred by his practice in Charlatan? And also to what extent customer is responsible for their own death? Same is true of all alternative health care practitioners and their customers? So is fair to describe Brinkley as a murderer?

    2. In terms of evidence, is important difference between believing in power of homeopathy, herbal medicine and chiropractic, and goat-testicles to heal? Compare and contrast the evidences provided for each of these beliefs.

    Paper has an introduction, body and conclusion.

     clear understanding of Charlatan as well as of the issues related to both Caveman Logic and Snakeoil Science.

     Paper integrates information from the books Caveman Logic and Snake oil Science that is relevant to the chosen essay.

     Paper applies relevant skills presented in The Elements of Reasoning to the chosen essay: Paper distinguishes between fact and judgment, belief from knowledge

    Paper utilizes course terminology correctly, e.g. “valid,” “cogent,” “true,” etc


    Introduction: Dr. Brinkley was associated with an unconventional medical practice which received both appreciation and criticism from people. He was accused for so many deaths that happened due to his wrong medical practices and was also called as Charlatan. Charlatan is a person who is a quack and practices medicine just for fame, money and other selfish reasons. He was indeed a Charlatan due to his actions. His father practiced unconventional medicine but passed away when Dr. Brinkley was just at the age of 10 , He worked in a telegraph and always wanted to become a doctor. He strived hard to become a doctor and with some perseverance he was able to achieve his goals. However his actions were in the wrong directions and he experimented with transplanting goats testicles for almost all the diseases he diagnosed of , right from dementia to impotency. He made a lot of money for this surgery and treatment and this was an expensive affair. However it is pathetic to know that many

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