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    Pen is mightier than sword is a popular saying. Literally the pen is not mightier than the sword but figuratively it is. Words can create or destroy lives. A writer can influence the reader in both good and bad ways.  Writing is an art by itself. There are only 26 letters in English language but the impact it could make cannot be defined. Juxtaposition of words plays an effective role in writing. Essay writing is one of the most sought after searches in the internet world.  Essays form an integral and important part of a students academic life.

    Let us look at the difference between persuasive and argumentative essay. In the persuasive essay the vision is to make the reader agree with the option written by the writer. Whereas in an argumentative essay gives an opportunity for the reader to recognize the stand that the writer has taken. Persuasive essay is pinned on emotions whereas the argumentative essays are based on pure logic and facts. Counter claims are ignored in a persuasive essay but argumentative essay acknowledge the presence of counter claims  Persuasive essay is more one sided whereas argumentative essays talk about multiple sides but also makes the authors stand clear.  The claims that are made in a persuasive essay is devoid of evidence but claims are backed  by evidence in an argumentative essay. The overall tone of the essay lean towards emotion and the nature of the essay is more aggressive as far as persuasive essay is concerned. On the other hand, the tone of the argumentative essay is calm in nature.

    The topic of an argumentative posts a question whereas the topic of a persuasive essay is more of a statement. For instance  ‘ Are we too dependent on gadgets?’ is a classic example of an argumentative essay.  ‘ Violent video games leads to violence in real life’ is a classic example of a persuasive essay topic. Introduction, body and conclusion are the most important aspect of an essay. The writer has to be effective in conveying what he or she sets to do.

    It is important to take notes before one starts writing. This not only gives clarity but it ensures that the flow of the essay is smooth and easy to read.  The effectiveness of an essay is not based on flamboyant vocabulary. Flowery language alone cannot make a great essay. The essay has to be simple yet effective at the same time for a reader.

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