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    How to Write an Introduction to an Assignment ? Introduction gives an outline of the entire assignment and it lays the foundation for the reader. Introduction has an important role in an assignment. An introduction gives the reader an idea of what is to be discussed in the assignment. Introduction is a like a well cut teaser of a feature film.

    ARGUMENTATIVE AND PERSUASIVE ESSAY TOPICS Pen is mightier than sword is a popular saying. Literally the pen is not mightier than the sword but figuratively it is. Words can create or destroy lives. A writer can influence the reader in both good and bad ways.  Writing is an art by itself. There are only 26 letters in English language but the

    1. Dr. Brinkley responsible for deaths that occurred by his practice in Charlatan? And also to what extent customer is responsible for their own death? Same is true of all alternative health care practitioners and their customers? So is fair to describe Brinkley as a murderer? 2. In terms of evidence, is important difference between believing in power of homeopathy, herbal medicine