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    Importance of referencing in academic writing essay

    Importance of referencing in academic writing essay

    Referencing is an important part of an assignment. An assignment without proper referencing is not received well. When you take ideas from other sources , it is imperative to give credit to the original source. When proper reference is not given, it is deemed as a big mistake as far academic writing is concerned.  When you write an assignment, you gather and process data from various sources. The writer takes help from various source to write the assignment. So it is important that due credit is given to the source. By doing this we not only credit the original writer or source but we can stay away from copyright infringement issues.

    Why is referencing important in writing?

    • Recognize the original writers work –  A lot of hardwork and research is gone into writing a book or an article or a journal. When we take the information from others, it is our moral responsibility to give them the right credit as a token of respect. It is important to know that we cannot work on an essay without taking the help of information from books or the internet. The cardinal rule is to respect the fact that some writer is providing the necessary information for our assignment or essay.
    • Reader gets a chance to cross check the information –  When a writer gives references, it gives the reader to gauge how far the writer has gathered knowledge in that particular subject or topic. The reader gets a chance to cross check the reference. For instance a tutor can definitely gauge whether a student has understood the topic by just looking at the reference. It also gives an opportunity for the reader to further improve knowledge on the given subject.
    • Avoid plagiarism – Plagiarism is a serious offence in universities and colleges.  Colleges use state of the anti plagiarism software that can detect plagiarism in a second’s time. We have to be careful when we use data from others. It is important that we cite references so this can avoided.

    An assignment without proper referencing can be problematic for the student. So it is important to understand the reasons behind referencing and how it is important to follow the usual norms. Formats have to be followed diligently as well. For instance if an essay demands APA format, it has to adhere to that format and not MLA which is different from the APA format.

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