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    Leadership Nature


    Leadership is the most sought after skill in all walks of life. A good captain in a soccer team can inspire the players to perform better. A good president of a nation can change the fate of the nation. The same applies to companies and organization. A leader is considered to be a nucleus of a group. The leader assumes the central role, wherein people work along with him/her to achieve the tasks and goals.

    According to management an efficient leader needs to be a visionary to the group and the vision should be effectively communicated. Man management is the key element of leadership. All fingers are not the same and this holds true to people as well. A leader needs to understand the difference in abilities and temperament of people, yet extract the required work from then. The leader is responsible in planning, organizing, devising strategies and executing them for the upliftment of the organization.



    One who inspires others and sets an example is a true leader. A leader has to be selfless and goal oriented. Firmness and kindness go hand in hand for a leader. Sometimes authority should be exercised but a great leader is always a good human being.