Why Do Students Need to Cite their Sources ? 


An important part of writing is citing sources. A student needs to cite sources because it gives a clear indication to the reader or the professor who is grading that the student has put enough effort to learn what ought to be learned. It also indicated whether the student has understood the subject with clarity. Accurate citations help the student from a research perspective as well. If the student decides to revisit the research or pursue the subject for higher research then these citations will prove to be hugely beneficial as well. It is mandatory to cite sources and generally marks are deducted when sources are not properly cited. 

Why is it important to cite the sources of information that you use in your research ?

  • It is all about Accuracy – When it comes to Academic writing and research, accuracy is the most important factor for a professor to grade. For instance citing the source helps in double checking a direct quote. It also shows the degree of exactness with which a student has paraphrased or taken content from a particular text. 
  • Citation indirectly helps your Research Skills – Attention to details is an integral part of Citation. When one cites sources, so many details such as page numbers, the author’s name, and the precision of facts presented are incorporated. This detailed orientation will help in the way a topic needs to be researched. 
  • Credibility is built- As a research student, the most important thing to achieve is credibility. When a student presents good bibliography, it makes the student stand apart from his or her colleagues. When the arguments presented in a research are superior and well documented , it gives credibility among the peers. 
  • Avoid plagiarism at any cost – If one word that does not go well with institutions and professor fraternity is plagiarism. It is important to remain original and deliver work that is original. Paraphrasing or taking content from others without giving proper credit can be detrimental for the academic growth of a student. So when you borrow something, it is mandatory to credit for the same. 

How does citation be important in crafting a research paper ?

We have discussed several aspects regarding the importance of citation while crafting a research paper. Citation is an art by itself and needs to be properly learned by a student. This is especially crucial for students pursuing research. There are several videos and articles that guide students to master the art of citing sources. Nuanced citations ensure that the research paper stands out from the rest of the crowd. It is important to understand the significance of citations even before starting the research paper. Citation is as important as the research itself. 

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