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How to get rid of writers block music

Writers block is a big issue not only for students but the biggest of authors, screenwriters and poets experience it.  All of us have gone through this phenomenon and we are going to go through as well.  It is important to understand that it is completely normal to have writers block.  This happens to the best of minds. So do not be discouraged by it and it is important to stay as calm as possible.  When you are having writer’s block, it is important to take a backseat and accept the writer’s block. Staring at the computer screen or paper will not help you overcome the problem.  These are some of the methods to overcome writers block

  • Disengage and reengage – If you are working on an assignment and you feel you are stuck, just take a break and do something different. Take a walk or engage in a physical activity. Try to consciously not think about the work. Once you are away for some time, you will definitely feel energized.
  • Change your perspective – Fixed ideas can also cause writers block. It is important to approach anything from different perspectives. If you have to see things green, then you have to wear the green glasses. If it has to be red, then you got to switch to red glasses. Changing perspective gives a new dimension which will overcome the writer’s block.
  • Listen to music and relax – Music is a wonderful tool. Listen to something pleasant and let your thoughts flow without any restrictions. This will soothe your mind and relieve the tension from work pressure.

Always believe that you can overcome the writer’s block be confident that you can overcome and conquer your problems.

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