Business research process

Q1) Outline and describe the steps in the business research process. How is it used in business applications? 

SAMPLE ANSWER:Business Research is a systematic and objective gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to any phenomenon affecting the business.

Q2) Define independent and dependent variables and their relationship. Utilizing what you identify as appropriate independent and dependent variables create first a functional model then a theoretical model of the demand for pizza at a pizza restaurant.  (Remember, functional can be of the form a = f(b,c,d,e).  Theoretical follows the format a = alpha + B1 (b) + B2 (c) + B3 (d) + B4 (e).

Q3) Discuss the nature and role of the “Internet” in the business research process. Be sure to relate to both the negatives and positives of using the Internet as a research tool.  

Q4). You work for a new bank.  Your bank recently started operations and offers banking services exclusively online in a competitive market.  Design a survey to collect what you consider to be relevant data for management to use in making successful operational and marketing decisions.  You are limited to 5 questions in your survey.  The survey will be administered through the customers online access.

Q5). Please write a literature review on- How would the omission of number and letter grades throughout undergraduate courses (with the exception of semester grades) affect a student’s approach toward learning?


When grades are made mandatory at lower levels of education students tend to read and learn to earn better grades. At this stage they are not mature enough to understand that they should focus of the quality and content of learning rather than grades. Therefore they are forced to study through grading system. This is a case of punishment reward theory.

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