Birth of a second child has an impact on Marital Satisfaction

What impact does the birth of a second child has on Marital Satisfaction?


  • Population Sample: 50
  • Sample Frame: Families living in Vancouver, Canada will be approached. The researcher will go door to door in Colony 1, Colony 2, Colony 3 and will approach those families who have at least two children. He will also include his relatives/ friends to understand their opinion/experience on second child.
  • Sampling Method – Convenience Sampling (because, the research topic is little personal in nature and families may show resistance to open up in front of researcher)


  • Research Method: Descriptive research –The researcher has a clear idea about the research topic and what he is trying to study. He is not interested in controlling any variable during this research.
  • Research Approach: Deductive approach – The researcher will design Null and Alternative hypothesis

H(0) = The birth of a second child reduces the Marital Satisfaction.

H(1) = The birth of a second child does not reduce the Marital Satisfaction.

This hypothesis will be tested using the data collected from survey and interviews.

  • Qualitative research – Researcher will be interested in investigating the behavior of married couples after having a second or more children. He will seek the reasons why they are or are not interested in the second child.
  • Independent Variable: Number of children a couple has
  • Dependent Variable: Marital Satisfaction for the couple (Loving nature for the partner / Sense of understanding between the couple for each other/ Change in the lifestyle/ Reasons like financial constraints/ Freedom)
  • Data collection techniques: Survey using Questionnaire / Unstructured Interviews of families in the colony. Use of Questionnaire, Interactional recording, tape recorders in interviews, sentence completion tests, focus group interviews, depth interviews. Most of the questions will be open in nature to get to know more about the feelings and behavior of married couples. Couples could be interviewed separately if they request.
  • Operationalization – Survey questions based on Marital satisfaction will be asked to the respondents. Most of these questions will have Likert  scale to provide ease in answering. (e.g. How satisfied are you by having second child as compared to the days when you were having only one child / Would you like to advice your friend to have second child/ Choose the advantages of having only one child from the below list/ Choose the advantages of having more than one child from the below list / etc.)

WHEN & WHERE: The data from the respondents will be collected in the first two weeks of the research. For this purpose, the researcher will approach the married couple in person. He will try to check with both the partners about the marital satisfaction as per his convenience. It will also depend on the working hours of the partners.

HOW: A cover letter will be drafted and respondents will be requested to read it properly and put their signature over there. They will also be told the underlying objective of the research. The personal details of the respondent like name, age, and address will not be shared with anybody.

WHY: The researcher understands the objective of this research and does not want to explore more to define this objective. Hence, he is not using the exploratory research. As per the previous theories the birth of a child reduces the marital satisfaction and hence same can be used to some extent while doing research on the effect of second child birth. In inductive research theory follows data which is not the case here. Hence, the researcher is interested in following a deductive approach than an inductive approach. The research topic is more concerned with the change in the satisfaction level of married couples after having second child, which is a qualitative parameter. Therefore, a qualitative research methodology is being used.

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