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    Affect and Effect

    How do I remember the difference between affect and effect?  

    There are some old age confusions that have baffled the greatest of minds.  It is the same with the difference between affect and effect. When the words are misplaced it cannot give the desired meaning.  Sometimes it does not give any meaning at all.  It is important to understand the difference between affect and effect, so that it is effectively used without any kind of ambiguity. To know how these words can be used, it is significant to understand the nuances and intricacies behind the usage. This gives a clear picture about how to use and when to use.

    Affect is a verb.  According to the dictionary it means “has an effect on, make a difference to”. It also means “move emotionally” in some context. Affect is about the impact of the influence. On the other hand, effect is a noun.  Effect usually refers to the result. In other words, it denotes the end result. Both words sound very identical, this leads to confusion as to when it can be used. However understanding the basics of it can help the writer to use the correct word.

    To substantiate with an example let us assume two kids, Joe and Jessie are playing together in their garden. If Joe pushes Jessie into a pool of water, it means that Joe has affected it. Jessie, getting wet, is the effect of Joe’s action of pushing her into a pool of water. Joe affects Jessie and Jessie experiences the effect of Joe’s action.  Let us look at more examples of when to use affect and effect.

    Affect means to influence or induce a change. Let us look at some examples of how affect can be used.

    • The hurricane affected the people’s lives in the bay area.
    • The pill you take can affect your eye sight

    It is important to remember that A stands for action. A verb is about action. The word begins with the letter A. So a stands for action, in other words Verb. This is a tip to remember. Remember the letter A, so your mind can easily correlate with Verb.

    Effect is a noun. It usually refers to the end result or change. 

    • The effect of the hurricane was destructive.
    • You will feel the effect of the pill in couple of hours.

    When you read more, you can get a better understanding of the two words. When you get the basics right, you will never go wrong.  Always remember the letter A and the letter E so you can immediately understand the difference between a verb and a noun.