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    Hostel Life

    How to live in hostel?

    Living in hostel is a challenging task. Before going to a hostel it is important to understand the nature of a hostel. It would be prudent to gather knowledge about a hostel functions. It could be extremely beneficial if one engages in a conversation with someone who is used to living in a hostel. This could give a clear picture about the pros and cons of living in a hostel.  Here are some tips to live in a hostel

    • Know about the rules and regulations of the hostel – Living in a hostel is different from living in our house with parents or living on our own. Hostels might have curfew time or some restrictions for safe purposes. So it is prudent to know the rules and regulations. Build a good rapport with the warden and securities.
    • Safety and belongings – Taking care of your belongings is an important aspect of living in a hostel. Make sure that you lock and keys are in perfect condition.
    • Make your space neat and clean – Having a good atmosphere around us can have a positive impact. Hostel life gives an opportunity to be more responsible in life.
    • Get to know people and make friends – To avoid loneliness, break the ice and interact with fellow mates. A friend in need is a friend indeed.