Paragraphs about Family Relationships


Humans are essentially social beings who interact with others and contribute to achieve common goals. Such interactions develop into relationships as we feel a need to connect with others that is as basic as food and water. Our predisposition to be always connected explains our need to socialize through various online platforms and watch reality chat shows and soap operas. Relationships foster mental health and emotional wellbeing. It is crucial for our survival. This is exactly why family relationships have survived for so many years. The bonding that each family member develops for one another is something commendable . 

Family Relationships Support System

Strong and supportive relationships early in life support brain and physical development and help to shape the way humans understand the world around them. On the other hand, lack of positive, close relationships may lead to anxiety, depression and various other mental issues derailing one’s normal life. Absence of social interactions may cause systemic issues impairing the immune function. There are different types of relationships that we develop and they are family relationships, friendships, romantic relationships and acquaintanceship. 

Respect, trust, honesty and patience are the virtues one should possess to take a relationship in the right direction. Exploring each other by sharing the thoughts and feelings will go a long way in strengthening any relationship. Constant criticism and lack of empathy and compassion can dismantle a relationship causing untold misery.

Therefore, to save any relationship that is floundering, effective communication is vital in resolving pending issues. The next thing is to learn to respect the differences be it opinions, cultural or religious.  Spending time away for a brief period also can bring in some clarity. Making a sincere attempt to understand each other instead of blaming is essential to mend a failing relationship.

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