Importance of public relations

What is the importance of public relations to the tourism and hospitality industry?

importance of public relations

Answer : The importance of public relations is paramount when it comes to the tourism and hospitality industry. The entire industry is mounted on public relations as good PR is the key for the industry to thrive.The first and foremost objective of public relations is to ensure that information is passed to tourists and aspiring tourists. The information includes the details of the destination, hotels, sightseeing places, the pros and cons of a destination and henceforth. Positioning of a vacation destination is the crucial aspect of public relations.

Whether it is endorsing a growing destination or reaffirming the position of an already established destination, public relations is the most crucial factor in deciding the fate of the entire industry. A tourist decides to go on a vacation for relaxing and rejuvenation. Therefore it is imperative to provide them risk free and tension free travel throughout the vacation. PR is also important in communicating the requisites that pertain to obtaining visa, airfare cost and other hidden costs that a tourist might have to shell out in that particular destination. The intent of providing a wholesome and enjoyable travel experience is facilitated by public relations. 

Role of Public Relations in the Hospitality Industry

  • Helps in identifying and analyzing the target audience – A hotel/resort/ homestay should have clarity with respect to the potential customers. It is important to study the demographics of potential clients which would help the management to serve better. 

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  • To be active in the media – With the advent of the internet, reaching out to people has become easier than it used to be. Presence in Social Media and reaching out to potential tourists gives the much needed personal touch. This also ensures brand visibility and presence. 


  • Plan B – Things can always go wrong in the Hospital Industry. Public Relations is crucial in coming up with a contingency plan. 


  • The Right Media For the campaign – Public relations team decide to choose the right media that is appropriate for the campaign. They work closely with people from media, ensuring that there are articles, video bytes that are regularly aired or posted, which would help in the brand presence. The role of Public Relations is not only restricted to conventional media. Sometimes a simply flyer or an email will do a world of wonders for the hospitality brand. 

Importance of Public Relations in Hospitality Industry

Public Relations plays a crucial role in maintaining the brand image of a brand. With the right kind of media and tools, Public relations acts as the bridge between the customers and the management. PR is also effective in managing damage control, which is a mandatory aspect of any business. Those who undermine the importance of Public Relations invariably fail. Public Relations is the most fundamental aspect of the Hospitality Industry. 

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