Public Speaking

How to develop speaking skills in public?

Public speaking is an art by itself. They can create a huge impact in the society. Who can ever forget the famous “Friends, Romans and countrymen” by Mark Antony, which led the crowd to go against the killers of Julius Caesar? We all wish to be good orators in our lives. We need to understand that it is absolutely natural to have a sense of fear.

Even the greatest of speakers have had issues with confidence and fear. It is imperative to understand the environment of the audience and the topic. Acquiring knowledge is not a tough task in the social media era. With a click, we can get hold of anything and everything. Write down salient points that you wish to incorporate in your speech.

How to develop speaking skills in public


Effective Public Speaking

  • Keeping a one of the salient points is crucial for effective public speaking.

These keynotes will be of great help in the flow of the speech. The best way to begin a speech is by giving a synopsis or a gist of what the speech is about and what it intends to do.

  •     Try to have a synopsis of your speech . This will help you to direct your speech in the best possible manner.

This will create a better understanding in the minds of the audience. They say “Practice makes a man perfect”. Before going public, practice your speech in front of a mirror or deliver the speech in front of your loved ones. Do not be demoralized by failures or fear. We are humans and mistakes are just a part of the learning curve. Close your eyes for a minute or two gather your thoughts and speak with confidence!

  •    Practice is an important aspect. Keep practising and you will be much more confident to deliver the perfect speech .

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