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    Increasing overall cardiovascular health in the US


    I only need articles on these subjects. I need them to be primary and scholarly papers as I will not get credit on anything that is not primary and scholarly. These are the subjects:

    I am doing my work on increasing overall cardiovascular health in the US; aspirin or antiplatelet therapy to prevent recurrent cardiovascular events; and increasing the number of people referred to cardiac rehab at discharge from the hospital after cardiovascular events. I need primary scholarly articles on these subjects?


    • Min, S., Kim, J., &Parnianpour, M. (2012). The effects of safety handrails and the heights of scaffolds on the subjective and objective evaluation of postural stability and cardiovascular stress in novice and expert construction workers. Applied Ergonomics43(3), 574-581.
    • Novo, G., Rizzo, M., Carruba, S., Caruso, M., Amoroso, G., Balistreri, C., & … Mancuso, D. (2012). The Role of Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Pilot Study. Angiology,63(2), 127-130. doi:10.1177/0003319711409742

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