Psychology Assignment PART 2

6. The fight or flight response is crucial for our survival, what are the modern day physiological response?

How does anger affect us?

SAMPLE ANSWER : The flight or fight response is our body’s response during a threat or danger in life. During such occasions adrenalin and coristol are released in our body and therefore speeding the heart rate. In the modern day we are experiencing the same response even in situations like getting stuck in traffic or during a stressful day at work.

7.  In your own words describe what had to say about a definition of what is pain?

8)  What are the 3 approached talked about in the film to managing pain?

9)  Would feeling no pain at all be a good or bad thing?  Give me some examples of why you think that is the case.

SAMPLE ANSWER: Physical Pain: When we touch a hot stove, we tend to burn our hands and experience a great deal of pain or burning sensation. If we do not experience pain, then we might probably burn our hands again and would not bother about the condition of our body.

10.  In the field of study nursing, why is it important that you evaluate the psychological aspects of pain for those you deal with at work. 

11.  Why do we remember so well when emotions are involved?

SAMPLE ANSWER: The brain region which is well associated with the emotional memory is amygdala. This is involved in critically evaluating the emotional significance of the events and tends to record events which have occurred when emotions are involved and that is the reasons for us to remember events when emotions are involved.

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