Socialization Questions Psychology

  1. a In your opinion does socialization or brain chemistry play a larger role in the types of career choices we make?

SAMPLE ANSWER :In my opinion socialization plays a major role in the career choices that we make, its only when we socialize we get to know the availability, the advantages and the disadvantages of the career choices on the first place. We also begin to think more profoundly, clearly and with broad mindedness when we socialize and the types of career choices that we make will be appropriate. Hence, I feel that socialization would play a huge role in the types of career choices that we make.

2)  What role does testosterone play in male competiveness?  In female competiveness?

3) In your opinion are males or females more empathetic?  Do you attribute this to socilization or differences in the brain chemsitry of male and female.

SAMPLE ANSWER :In general females are more empathetic than men , however I have even observed some insensitive women irrespective of the situation and this makes me think that the way in which they are brought up and socialization factors are more important in being empathetic rather than the brain chemistry of male or females.

4.  Before reading this question, you probably didn’t notice the sensation of your shoes touching your feet.  Yet it’s likely you notice them now.  Why?

5.  Why do you feel a little dizzy after a roller coaster ride? 

6. Why might it be helpful for people with chronic pain to meditate or excercise? 

7.  What mental processes allow you to perceive a lemon as yellow?  

8. “Sex Sells” is a common saying in advertising.  Using classical conditioning terms, explain how sexual images in adverting. Using classical conditioning terms, explain how sexual images in advertisements can condition your response to a product.

9.     Ethan constantly misbehaves at preschool even though the teacher scolds him several times each day. |Why does his misbehavior continue, and what can his teacher do to stop it?

SAMPLE ANSWER :Misbehavior or aggression is a form of psychological disorder and if it does not stop the teacher must investigate his social conditions, and the environment in which he lives in. This could be the major reason for his repeated misbehavior and the teacher should get that checked first. There is also a slight possibility that Ethan could have had an invent in his childhood which has had a deep psychological impact on him and he is probably reflecting that through behaving badly.

10. How could your psychology instructor use negative reinforcement to encourage your attentive behavior during class?

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