Transactional model

Transactional model of communication

Transactional mode of communication is all about how thoughts are conveyed between individuals. The roles of the individuals are not fixed as it has the potential to exchange roles in a conversation. Since the individuals are both senders and receivers at the same time, the transactional mode of communication mentions them as communicators. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal. This mode focusses on the influence of the social and cultural background of the communicators engaged in the communication. The communication is efficient if the communicators are from similar background. The medium of communication also plays an important role, as there is a possibility of some messages getting dissipated in the process of communication.


transactional communication modeltransactional communication model

Every society has certain conventions and people follow those through practice or by paying attention to what others do. Sometimes weird looks from others will make us realize that we have done something unacceptable. Our way of communication differs with different people. We behave in accordance with convention when we meet strangers. On the contrary, we do not have issues breaking the social norms with people who are familiar to us. Another force that influences our communication is our cultural and ethnic background. People from dominant cultural groups are probably not aware of the role their cultural identities play in their communication. Conversely, people from insignificant cultural identities are aware of the impact it has from the way people from other cultural identities communicate with them. Transactional modal generates noise due to simultaneous communication. Hence, noise and lack of feedback that is crucial to avoid misunderstanding can be considered disadvantages of this mode of communication.

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