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    Visual Attention/Perception using Cognitive Psychology

    Writing assignment:

    To build on your understanding of theories and methods in cognitive psychology, you will write a summary of an empirical article covering an area of cognitive research. The summary should be in your own words; it’s plagiarism if you use the article’s verbatim statements. The paper should include a title page and two pages of content . The summary should be in APA style. You must choose one article from the following list:

    Topic: Visual Attention/Perception

    1. McKone, E., Davies A. A., et al. (2010). Asia has the global advantage: Race and visual

    attention. Vision Research, 50, 1540–1549.

    Topic: Memory Processes/Distortion

    2.  Geraerts, E., Lindsay, D. S., Merckelbach, H., Jelicic, M., Raymaekers, L., Arnold, M.

    M., & Schooler, J. S. (2009). Cognitive mechanisms underlying recovered-memory experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Psychological Science, 20, 92-98.

    Topic: Decision Making

    3. Porcelli, A. J. & Delgado, M. R. (2009).  Acute stress modulates risk taking in financial

                decision making.  Psychological Science, 20, 278-283.

    Your title page should have your name, course section, and the title of the article (this is an exception to the APA style). The content pages should include the following:

    From the Introduction section of the article: Describe the theory being tested , the current state of our knowledge (i.e., previous studies reported) , and the hypotheses of the experiment(s)

    From the Method section of the article: Describe the basic task(s) that was/were used to test the main question(s) of interest . Do you think the task(s) was/ were appropriate to test the hypotheses?? Explain

    From the Result section of the article:  Describe the most important Main Effect(s). If there are Interaction(s) you should describe these as well. (If you don’t recall these terms review basic statistics from your stats course or any credible website). Be specific.

    From the Discussion section of the article: Explain whether the results matched the predicted hypotheses. Describe the interpretation given and how the results connect to theory.

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