What is pollution short answer 

Short answer about what is pollution : The mixing up of unwanted, hazardous stuff that leads to contamination of the natural environment is known as pollution. Pollution takes a toll not only on human health but also on our planet as a whole. Ironically, man-made pollution is widespread and pervasive compared to natural pollution from volcanic explosions and wildfires. The different types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution.   

Poisonous gases from factory exhausts and vehicles pollute the air around us. The presence of high levels of particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrates and many other gases that are otherwise found in traces cause havoc to humans as well as animal life in the environment. By breathing in pollutants, the risk of respiratory problems increases manifold, thus decreasing lung function. Finding alternatives to fossil fuels is one way to reduce air pollution. Burning of leaves and trash should be strictly avoided.

Water pollution is equally detrimental to life on this planet. Effluents from the industries and domestic sewage effluents are discharged into the water bodies that have grave consequences on aquatic life and human life. Using treatment plants to treat wastewater before discharging is an effective way in reducing water pollution. 

Soil pollution and water pollution coexist. Liquid wastes seep slowly into the soil contaminating the groundwater used for drinking purposes. Large areas of landfill, where the solid wastes are disposed of, causes leaching and other host of problems.

High decibel sounds that affect humans is called noise pollution. Loud sounds can affect the delicate, sensitive structure of the inner ear causing hearing loss, increase blood pressure and can be the cause for headaches. 

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