Social Media

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of social media 200 words

A medium that has gained popularity and has enticed all ages- the young and the old alike is social media. It has taken the world by storm. Originally, it was developed not just for the purpose of communication, but was intended to promote businesses by identifying and reaching their audience and letting them know their existence in the bargain. It has opened up the world for many from the comfort of their homes. It has created a plethora of opportunities for people from all walks of life. Interaction between friends and relatives staying abroad has become lively and easy. 

This generation of children are tech-savvy and their lives revolve around social media. Students as a community are one of the groups that have benefited largely from the exhaustive knowledge resources that different websites offer. They have the freedom to listen to lectures, watch practical demonstrations and classes from any part of the globe by the touch of their fingers. Job aspirants can seek jobs and young artists can display their talents. The advantages are limitless. 

However, there is another side to this coin. Children should navigate carefully to avoid pitfalls, as there are predators and hackers waiting to exploit them in their hideouts. Cyber bullying is quite prevalent these days and some are punishable depending on the intensity of such crimes. Therefore, it will be wise to use the social media platforms judiciously to one’s own advantage.  Social media platforms have evolved dramatically over the years and have become user-oriented targeting people who have common interests. 

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