Procastination Among Students

Why students procrastinate?

Procrastination can be a detrimental factor in the life of a student. This problem can lead to bigger problems if not addressed in the infant stage itself. Now to address the problem of procrastination, we need to dwell into the reasons for procrastination.

  • Forgetfulness – This is a big issue among the students. Due to their hectic schedule and other commitments, students tend to forget assignments or project work etc. Students might also forget the gravity of an assignment. For instance, an assignment might need more than a week’s time to finish but a student might be under the impression that he or she could finish it a day’s time. So it is important to understand the nature of the work. Maintain your agenda for the day in your mobile phones or laptops.


Why Students Procrastinate


  • Distractions – Distractions is probably the toughest enemy of a student. Though technology is a boon, it could be also prove to be a bane. It is important to allot time for academics every single day. One has to make sure that phones are in silent and the focus is completely towards studying.


  • Bad routines – Routines are very important in our lives. Discipline is a key factor for success. It is important to be strict about bed time, waking up time and adhere to it, no matter what. By developing a good routine, one can conquer any difficulties. When you start the day early by getting up early, you will realize that there is so much of time to do anything. Work life balance is very important as well. Engage in a sport or a physical activity that will boost your concentration power. Yoga, meditations are great tools to boost your concentration.

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