Constructivists learning theory

Most constructivists share two main ideas: that learners are active in constructing their own knowledge and that social interactions are important to knowledge construction” (Bruning, Schraw, Norby, & Ronning, 2004, p. 195, as quoted in Woolfolk 2007).

SAMPLE PAPER : Apart from the two main ideas of the constructivists , there are also some general approach to learning .This paper aims to discuss some of the general constuctivist approach to learning , by pointing out the merits and de-merits of it. Constuctivists believe that learning consists of both constructing meaning and constructing systems of meaning. For instance, if we are learning the dates of chronological events, we indirectly learn the meaning of chronology. This approach will hold true in many cases and we indirectly tend to learn a particular concept without having directly known about it. Having said this in most complex concepts such as studying math is concerned, this approach may not hold true and the subject who is learning might miss our on learning the simpler concepts which aids in better understanding.

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