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    Psychological team Testing

    All questions refer to the central issue given below.

    Psychological Testing Team

    Central issue:  you are part of a psychological team that has been testing intelligence, using a standardized, majority-based, verbal realm IQ test.  You have been testing three groups within the country:  Group 1 –  tall purple person comprising 7% of the population and speaking a poorly articulated version of the national language:  Group 2 –  short green persons, the 85% majority speaking the national language, and Group 3 –medium – sized orange persons immigrating from another country and speaking very little of the national language (comprising the remaining 8% of the population).

    1. Your initial assessment, using the majority- biased test, revealed the two subcultural groups to be inferior in intelligence.  Explain these results.  How would you alter the testing to get more accurate measurements of the sub cultural groups IQ?   How would you include a multi-intelligence or triarchic intelligence theory/concept? Why?  Explain.
    2. Explain why the testing cited above is not an aptitude or an achievement test.
    3. Why might the performance realm be more appropriate as a basis for measuring the intelligence of these three groups?  Explain, include an example.

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