Counseling means

Discussing in detail the emotional state of a person and the feelings associated with it with a counselor is known as counselling. The client is made to sit through the meeting to explore the impact of stress on the various issues that bother him that have a major influence on his experiences and behavior. Counselling helps a person delve deeper into his unconscious mind to address the issues that surface from time to time. The objective of counselling is to find a solution to the existing problems, be it social, personal or professional and to bring in a positive change.

Career counselling, educational counselling and marriage counselling are few of the different types of counselling available for clients who are looking out for one. The job of a counselor is to facilitate the client identify the problem, take responsibility and explore options to resolve conflicts. Trusting the counselor is a basic necessity for a positive outcome. The counselor may have different approaches and may try different techniques.  It may take a while to develop a rapport with the counselor. Once it is established, learning coping mechanisms and arriving at solutions to tackle conflicts becomes easy. The duration of counselling may be brief for some or may be long for some others depending on the various factors that come into play. 

It is imperative to have a school counselor to motivate children, discipline them and to show them the right direction. Children feel free to open up and discuss their nagging issues with utmost confidentiality that leads to emotional and mental well-being. 

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