Essay on Persuasion


The act of convincing a person to believe something is persuasion. We are all wired differently and hence it is paramount to understand what the other person thinks and feels before trying to persuade him. Before persuading someone, one has to check his or her own persuasive skills. To begin with, the persuader should have clarity on the quantity of information that he is planning to use while persuading. The information has to be full and complete. Next, he has to gauge the quality of information if it is precise and true. Then he should try to identify if the information has any relevance to the conversation. Finally, he should convey it in a simple way so that the other person understands what is being expressed without any ambiguity. Non-verbal actions too can be used to support the idea. 

Persuasion, in fact, should start in a friendly way. Respecting the other person’s point of view and being empathetic goes a long way in winning the person’s heart. Being repetitive and persistent certainly works in influencing a person. Active listening and proving one’s credibility also matters a lot in persuasion. The benefits and merits of accepting the idea should be highlighted during persuasion. Sounding positive throughout this process is an essential quality a persuader should possess. 

Implementing these techniques wisely will definitely help in swaying a person to buy one’s idea and in eliciting a positive response. Therefore, communication is vital and it plays a major part in persuasion.

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