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    Playing violent video games affect youths

    Does playing violent video games affect youths levels of aggressive behavior?

    violent video games aggressive behavior


    • Population Sample: 100
    • Sample Frame: Youth population living in Vancouver, Canada will be approached. The researcher will go door to door in Colony 1, Colony 2, Colony 3. He will also include the students of his school to understand the behavior of students who played video games in their childhood.
    • Sampling Method – Random Sampling


    • Research Method: Descriptive research –The researcher has a clear idea about the research topic and what he is trying to study. He will not control any variable during this research.
    • Research Approach: Deductive approach – The researcher will design Null and Alternative hypothesis and will test these hypothesis using the data collected from survey and interviews.
    • Qualitative research – Researcher will be interested in investigating the behavior of youth who play violent video games. He will also look for the reasons behind such aggressive behavior. Attitude or opinion research may also be included to find out what youth think about the violence in video games and its relation with real world.
    • Independent Variable: Kind of Video Games youth Play
    • Dependent Variable: Behavior of Youth (Patience, humbleness, Aggression, Pitch of Voice)
    • Data collection techniques: Survey using Questionnaire / Unstructured Interviews of students and families in the colony. Use of Questionnaire, Interactional recording, tape recorders in interviews. Students could be given story completion tests wherein they will complete a fiction story related to video games/ what should happen in the end of a story wherein the protagonist was playing such violent games with his friends.
    • Operationalization – Survey questions will ask respondents if they had used the learning from video games in real world situations. (e.g. When did the respondent act last in the same manner has the leading character of a game/ what similarity does respondent find between games and society etc.)

    WHEN & WHERE: The data from the respondents will be collected in the first two weeks of the research. For this purpose, the researcher will approach the students of the school in the recess time when they are free and in the evening time in colonies at Vancouver, Canada.

    HOW: A cover letter will be drafted and respondents will be requested to read it properly and put their signature over there. They will also be told the underlying objective of the research. The personal details of the respondent like name, age, and address will not be shared with anybody.

    WHY: The researcher understands the objective of this research and does not want to explore more to define this objective. Hence, he is not using the exploratory research. The research topic is more concerned with the behavior of the youth which is a qualitative parameter. Therefore, a qualitative research methodology is being used.

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