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    Development of police technology


    3. The development of police technology has affected the three policing models described in this module in various ways and intensities. Outline the three models and explain the most suitable modes of technology for each of the models.

    4. Write a brief treatment on the following concepts:

    • Dactylography
    • Strategic Information
    • Tactical Information
    • Triangulation
    • Clock Drift

    SAMPLE ANSWER : Dactylography

    Each person has its own unique combination of overall pattern and special ridge characteristics. No two prints have ever been found that were exactly alike. Even those of identical twins are different. Dactylography (or fingerprint analysis) is the science of using fingerprints to uniquely identify someone. Humans leave behind prints of the ridges of the skin on their fingertips when handling certain materials.

    5. In this module, you read about the differences between policy and procedure and were introduced to the concept of Screen Level Bureaucracy. Describe another example of Screen Level Bureaucracy that you have experienced in your career.

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