5 paragraph essay on bullying

Threatening someone, causing fear in their mind, to get things done that the person is not comfortable with is called bullying. A bully typically has an overbearing personality causing harm intentionally to a person who is weak or timid. The person who is bullied develops low self-esteem and anxiety and loses confidence. Certain traits of a person can suggest that he or she could be a victim of bullying.

Generally, their social skills are underdeveloped and hence have few or no friends. They are non-assertive and shy. They are often left out in parties or gatherings. Handicap of any form and weak and small physical stature too could be reasons for a victim to get repeatedly bullied. These victims often go through depression and would try to avoid those environments where they usually are bullied.

Bullying in schools is a common phenomenon. Some consider bullying as an unavoidable menace during childhood. However, the communities have come up with effective strategies to counter this menace.

It is paramount to create awareness among the students about the existence of bullying, the signs of bullying and the consequences of bullying to save a bully from becoming a criminal and spare a victim from long-lasting hurt. Parents’ participation should be made integral in the anti-bullying programs.

Bullying is an omnipresent threat. It extends beyond the school premises. Bullying has its presence at homes, work environments, sports and different industries. Cyberbullying, using technology to harass or embarrass, is also on the rise. Considering the damage, that bullying can cause to both the perpetrator and the victim, identification and prompt intervention is the need of the hour to curb this menace.

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