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    Intimacy vs Isolation Erikson

    This is all about psychology. Resources can be found in the internet or youtube. I need 1 good paragraph each with a good explanation

    1. Intimacy vs Isolation – Comment on Erikson’s thoughts about young adulthood

    SAMPLE ANSWER: A love relationship is the most important aspect during this stage and Erikson feels that the young adults must be with an open mind to commit to the other person during this age. If this commitment does not happen or fall in place, the individual can get into a sense of isolation.

    1. .Generativity vs. Stagnation – Comment on Erikson’s thoughts about middle adulthood
    1. Integrity vs. Despair – Comment on Erikson’s thoughts about older adults reflecting on life.
    2. What critical role do negative emotions play in our life?
    3. What is the role of shock therapy in treating depression?

    SAMPLE ANSWER : Shock therapy is a technique employed to stimulate the brain deeply and tends to negate the abnormal brain activity which is the major cause for depression. When the abnormal brain activity is negated, we can observe a considerable change in the moods of the patients. However this technique is widely used for patients who are not curable through medications.

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