Research Experiment

The original research experiment should be a 5-page report, describing and explaining a test or survey that could lead to original research for your chosen topic.  The original research articles that you use for the research paper are examples of research experiments.  Every published research article was originally someone’s idea for gaining more information, and it was gradually refined to its published form.  You will with an idea for a paper, and then conduct some original research to further investigate your topic. 

You do not literally have to conduct your experiment—it can be hypothetical or literal.  If you only propose a hypothetical the research experiment, then you can make it as large and scientific as you like.  For example, you may propose collecting data from hundreds of people in several states and countries to avoid levels of bias. 

Since you are not required to literally conduct the experiment, you are only responsible for your description of the experiment, not the results.  In other words, you must create a design for the experiment (in your Methods section), record the results––whether from your completion of the test, or based on your best hypothetical projections from your research––(in the Results section), and then discuss what you found and where more research could be done (in your Discussion section).

Carefully plan the people (Subjects) you will test, the instruments (Materials: e.g., survey, scores, game, test) you will use with the subjects, and the time, place, and steps involved in the Procedure.  Describe these aspects of the Method in minute detail; this will likely use the minimum page requirement and it will give more complete information for the Discussion.  The Results should only state the numbers, scores, or other responses without comment or explanation.  The Discussion should explain the Results by means of the research sources cited in the research paper and in the References.  These sources will give credibility to your explanation of why the Results exist, based on the Subjects who were chosen, the Materials that were used, and the Procedure that was followed.  The Results would change if parts of the Method were changed.  That is why you are more responsible for choosing and reporting the Method, and less responsible for the outcomes of the Results.  The goal of this assignment is to make you more analytical in your own thinking and in the acceptance of the articles and information published by others.

Even though there will be some bias, you may still compose your own survey.  It will not be valid or reliable, and you must state that bias in the Discussion.  Your survey items must be based on information in your research sources; you must cite the source of the information in those items in the Materials section of the Method.  The instrument should have 10–15 items, usually in a forced-choice or Likert scale format; there should be responses from 15–20 subjects.  There may be additional items of demographic, or background, information which may become the independent variables.

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