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What does justice mean Essay ?

what does justice mean

Justice represents the rule of law and is considered a significant objective to be secured by the state. Appeals opposing or defending the policies and actions of government are made in the name of justice. The concept of justice is complex in nature. Justice has a bearing on all aspects of human life. It is fundamental to bring order in a human’s life. Treating everyone equally and in a righteous way is justice. If you are able to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated by others then you are a person with high moral standards. It means that you are being fair and equitable even when given a position of power. Justice attempts to find harmony and to organize human relationships by accommodating different values. It is relative to culture and religion and not absolute. It enables all to get their due rights and punishments.

There are many dimensions to justice. Providing every citizen equal opportunities to utilize and develop his/her inherent talents and qualities is social justice. It is unfair on the part of a State to show discrimination on their citizens based on their sex, race, religion or caste. Distribution of wealth and resources in a fair and equitable way between the citizens is economic justice. The liberals and socialists differ in their views on economic justice. Giving all the citizens the right to contest elections and the right to vote irrespective of their color, creed, sex or religion is political justice. Providing legal security to all without discriminating the poor and the rich is legal justice. While formulating laws, the needs and opinions of the citizens should be kept in mind. If the laws are reasonable and just, it will inspire people to follow them that make implementation easy. All these four facets of justice are mutually receptive and contribute to the wellbeing of a society.

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