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    PSYC 1010 – Apply psychological research

    Assignment :Article Published in a Psychology Journal

    This project will give you an opportunity to apply psychological research to understand real world problems. You are asked to locate and read two articles:

    1. an article from the popular press describing a current issue or event that is related to the material covered in the course.

    2. a research study report on that same topic from a peer-reviewed psychology journal. 

    Finally you are asked to consider how the results of the research study relate to the current issue/event from the everyday press.

    Please follow the steps:

    1. Find a recent article (2011) describing a real world issue/current event in popular press that you can relate to psychological concept, topic, or a theory covered in the course.  The examples of good choices of sources are (use archives or feel free to locate the hard copies in the library):

    The Globe & Mail
    Toronto Star

    Macleans Online

    Examples of current issues/events (do not use those for your paper):

    Why the courts must decriminalize prostitution

    The 5¢ non-solution

    Doctors prescribe the great outdoors to get patients moving

    • Read the article and identify psychological concept(s)

    Examples of psychological concepts:  obedience, operant conditioning, biological drives, nature-nurture, attachment, stress and coping, etc.

    Locate a recent (2007-11) empirical research article from a peer-reviewed psychology journal that relates to the same psychological concept and to the issue/current event identified in part one.  It is important to select a ‘research article’ describing a study done by the authors (hint: look for the ‘method’ and ‘results’ sections) NOT a review article.

    • Read the research study and think about how the results may relate to the current issue/event
    • Write a 4-5 page paper that addresses the following points:
    • In one paragraph summarize the real world issue/current event selected in part one. Submit a copy of the first page of the article describing the current issue.
    • Clearly describe the psychological concept(s) or theory that is related to the selected issue/current event.  Incorporate plenty of terms from your textbook to demonstrate your understanding. 
    • Locate the research article relevant to the concept/theory and to your selected current issue/event. Describe your search strategy (which search engine? keywords? how did you retrieve the article?).

    Include the full reference of the research article (author, year, title, journal name, volume, pages) using APA style.

    For more information about APA style check the OWL Purdue website:

    To search for the article use one of the online academic search engines like PsychInfo, Web of Science or PubMed.

    Information on how to use those engines is available at York’s library website at


    Web of Science:


    Getting Help with library search:

    • Summarize the recent research article related to the current event/issue.  Describe what the study was investigating (what was the research question? hypotheses?), what kind of research design was used (e.g. correlational, experimental)? Identify the variables (dependent, independent?) and describe the findings (what were the results?).
    • Describe how the results of the research article may relate to the real world issue/current event.  E.g. can the results of the study be used to explain the current issue/event?  Or do the results suggest how to deal with the issue, or how to prevent it in the future?
    • Please put your name on the front page of your assignment and staple the pages. Check grammar, spelling, and organization of the paper. 

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