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    Using the vignette Maria

    Question :Using the vignette (Maria), develop and justify an initial diagnosis from a brief case history, utilizing the DSM-IV-TR

    Sample Answer:

    • AXIS I :   Maria has significant adjustment disorders , anxiety disorders and pervasive    developmental disorders. This might be due to her upbringing.
    • AXIS II :  Maria is not subject to any mental retardation .

    QUESTION : Identify and discuss advantages and disadvantages to psychiatric and mental illness labels.

    Sample answer :

    Advantages:  a) A proper diagnosis and labeling of the psychiatric illness will enable us to treat the patient in a better manner and having known and studied about the illness,

    Disadvantages:  a) There is a social stigma with respect to the mental illness. Despite the broad outlook in the society, people have thought of mental illness as something really bad and we do not accept people who are termed to have mental illness.

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