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    Theory of Mind Article Assignment

    Theory of Mind
    • What is the name of the Journal this article was published in?

    SAMPLE ANSWER :The article was published in The Author – Journal Compilation.

    • What year was this article published?

    SAMPLE ANSWER :The article was published in the year 2008.

    • What is the author(s) name?

    SAMPLE ANSWER :The Author’s name is Agnes Melinda Kovacs

    •  What a). kind of study (e.g., experimental, naturalistic observation, case study) was this and b). explain why?
    • Was a). this study longitudinal, cross-sectional, or cross-sequential and b). why?
    • What was/were the IV(s)?
    • How was/were the IV(s) operationally defined?

    SAMPLE ANSWER: The Experimenter wanted to study the effect of bilingualism or monolingualism on false-belief reasoning mechanism. Since, this is what the experimenter wanted to research on, this becomes the independent variable.

    • What was/were the DV(s)?
    • How was/were the DV(s) operationally defined?
    • How many subjects were involved at the end of the study?
    • What is Theory of Mind (using your own words) in one sentence?
    • Briefly describe the essentials of the procedure in three sentences or less.
    • What was the hypothesis(es)?
    • What were the main finding(s)?
    • What is a). one strength of the study as conducted and b). why?
    • What is a). one weakness of the study as conducted and b). why?

    SAMPLE ASNWER :Controlled variables because control variables like socio-economic status or intelligence tests, performance on verbal and non-verbal intelligence scale have nothing to do with the bilingual ability of the child.

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